Herd Sires

Name ASA# DOB Video
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BAR CK NO EQUAL 4118B291222710/3/2014 Photo
BAR CK RODGERS 1004Z280902010/4/2012 Photo
LSF TBJ TAKEBACK 4856B30983353/5/2014 Photo
BAR CK TARGET 3016A28398329/7/2013 Photo
BAR CK LUCK B1206Y268239412/6/2011 Photo
BAR CK VALEDICTORIAN291227510/22/2014 Photo
BAR CK HUNTER 3006A28398899/3/2013 Photo
BAR CK PEERLESS 4080B29121929/21/2014 Photo
KBHR QUIGLEY C15430475053/29/2015
HOOKS SHEAR FORCE 38K20819392/19/2000
MYTTY IN FOCUS23263122/18/2001
RAB-EGL BLUE MOON 4407M22440762/18/2002 Photo
DIKEMANS SURE BET22942622/21/2005
BAR CK MEATMKR 1110R232109111/10/2005 Photo
GW PREMIUM BEEF 021TS23705452/8/2006 Photo
BAR CK MR VISION 401S23495914/1/2006
UI FLYING H RESURRECTION23944151/6/2007 Photo
GW PREDESTINED 701T24145372/24/2007 Photo
BAR CK CAPITOL 902T24305819/2/2007 Photo
CONNEALY IN SURE 852426278302/7/2008 Photo